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Dust to Dust, Woods to Woods

2017   |   Mahogany, Chinese paper, prints   |   Dimensions vary (estimate 4x4x7 in/each)

The work was inspired by the Taihu Stone. In On Photography, Susan Sontag said: "Photographs are worn, tarnish, stained, cracked and faded, and they are still beautiful... Many buildings, not just the Parthenon, may look better if they are treated as ruins." I think the "strange and ugly" form of the Taihu Stone conveys the same aesthetic interest of this piece. I try to go back in time to look at the past with the eyes of the moment and capture the ancient blurred time in my heart through photography. Then I transfer the dense grass and trees to the special-shaped wood like the Taihu Stone, which is full of holes and cracks, damaged yet vigorous. The transferred pictures have natural marks, through which I can match the image of the ancient times with the image in my heart.

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