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Bicheng Liang 梁必成, born in China, now lives and works in New York.


Liang received his MFA from Columbia University School of Arts and BFA degree at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.  


As an interdisciplinary artist, Liang's work is multifaceted including large sculpture installations, photography, ceramics, and printmaking. He focuses on the subtle traces of time in the landscape and natural materials. Liang’s work has been exhibited at museums both nationally and internationally, including Curatorial Practice in School of Visual Arts, New York, CAFA Art Museum and Tsinghua University Art Museum, China; International Print Triennial Society in Krakow, Poland. Liang is the founder of the PRENTIS art platform that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, information sharing, and communication for new emerging artists. He is also the co-founder of the Alchemyverse Collective.

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  • 2021      MFA, Columbia University School of the Arts, New York, NY

  • 2018     BFA, China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, China


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2018                山行 Shan Xing, Luohu Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

  • 2018                起势 Aggregation Energy, CAFA Printmaking Exhibition Space, Beijing, China 

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2021                SUMMER (better late than never) SHOW, ChaShaMa, NY, US

  • 2021                Art 52nd Street 2021, Chungbuk National University, S. Korea

  • 2021                MFA Thesis Exhibition, Lenfest Center for the Arts, Columbia University, New York, NY, US

  • 2021                PPE, LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery, New York, NY, US

  • 2021                I thought it was a drought, Yonkers, NY, US

  • 2021                First-year MFA Show, Wallach Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY, US

  • 2021                Teaching Research Exhibition of Printmaking, Taoxichuan Art Museum, Jingde, China

  • 2020               The Interior Exteriorized, Charles Moffett Gallery, New York, US

  • 2020               21G+, Curatorial Practice, School of Visual Arts, New York, US

  • 2018                Undergraduate Thesis Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing, China 

  • 2018                Międzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki (MTG), International Print Triennial Society in Krakow, Poland

  • 2017                 Academic Original Creative, Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing, China

  • 2017                 Excellent Curriculum Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing, China

  • 2017                 Growing Environment, Luren Gallery, Suzhou, China

  • 2016                 Image and Thinking, CAFA, Beijing, China

  • 2015                 Observation and Expression, CAFA, Beijing, China


Selected Awards and Scholarships

  • 2021                  Morty Frank Travel Fellowship, New York

  • 2019-2021      LeRoy and Janet Neiman Gift Scholarship, Columbia University School of the Arts, New York 

  • 2019-2021      Visual Art Program Merit Scholarship, Visual Arts, Columbia University School of the Arts, New York

  • 2018                 Third Prize, Excellent Work of On-Campus’ Students, CAFA, Beijing, China

  • 2017                  Gold Medal, International Photography Award, Beijing, China

  • 2016                  Second Prize, the Eighth Video Carnival, Beijing, China

  • 2015                  Merit Scholarship, CAFA, Beijing, China

  • 2015                  Outstanding Award, Observation & Expression Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing, China

  • 2014                  Second-class Scholarship, CAFA, Beijing, China


Professional Experience

  • 2021                  Collaborator in Project “We the Immigrants” for Tomas Vu, Brooklyn Rail, NY

  • 2020                 Teaching Assistant, Columbia University School of the Arts, New York

  • 2019                   Fellow, Neiman Center for Print Art, Columbia University School of the Arts, New York

  • 2016                   Lecturer, Photography Department, Fun Job Art Institution, Beijing, China 


Affiliations & Residencies

  • 2022                   Resident, Desert 23' S, La Wayaka Current, Chile / UK

  • 2021                    Resident, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Governors Island, NY

  • 2020                   Co-founder, Alchemyverse Collective, New York

  • 2020                   Founder, PRENTIS art platform, WeChat, China

  • 2015-2018         President, Media Department, Voluntary Service in CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China 

  • 2017                     Volunteer, Book Tower of Beijing Design Week, Beijing, China

  • 2017                     Photographer, The Opening Ceremony of First International Academic Printmaking Alliance, Beijing, China

  • 2015-2016         President, Blank Poetry Society, CAFA, Beijing, China

  • 2014-2015         Minister of Central Department, Student Union of School of Design, CAFA, Beijing, China

Media Feature

  • 2021    Columbia’s 2021 visual arts class returns to Columbia in Wallach’s First Year MFA exhibition, Columbia Daily Spectator, NY

  • 2021    再现,延续,封装 | Bicheng Liang, The Art Hunter, China

  • 2020   MFA Spotlight, Artforum, NY, USA

  • 2020   Special Interview with Bicheng Liang, JueJue ART, China

  • 2018    Silent Vientiane is bound to rebirth | Bicheng Liang, FarewellNT, China

  • 2018    BFA Thesis Show In CAFA | Bicheng Liang, Yi Mu Art Studio, China

  • 2017    The photography and exhibition of Bicheng Liang, JiaoYi, China

  • 2017    Bicheng Liang · Aggregation Energy, Raw-14 Space, China 



  • Bunkier Sztuki Art Gallery, International Print Triennial Society, Krakow, Poland

  • Private collections in China and the United States

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